Menu Restauranti


Vegetables soup
Carrots, zucchini, potatoes

300 L

Tomatoes Soup
Tomatoes, olive oil, spices

250 L

Cream zucchini soup
Zucchini, spices, bujon

250 L

Cream chicken soup
Chicken breast, carrots,
potatoes, spices

350 L


Marinated spinach
bacon, eggs, spices

460 L

Cesar salad
Green salad,
bacon, chicken fillet,
parmigiana, cruton, pear, spices

440 L

Arugula salad
pomegranate, white cheese,
balsamic vinegar

430 L

Cooklook salad
Arugula, cherry
tomatoes, green salad,
gorgonzola cheese, dried
tomatoes, spices

450 L

Evla salad
Endive, aisberg,
arugula, grilled zucchini, gorgonxola cheese, almonds

450 L

Cabbage salad
carrot, green apple, yougurt

350 L

Floga Salad
Radicchio, endive,
aisberg, mushrooms,cherry
tomatoes, avocado, arugula

440 L

Sallatë greke
Tomatoes, cucumber, onions,
green pepper, olives

340 L

Fresh mushrooms salad
cherry tomatoes, olive oil

530 L

Salad with seasonal vegetables

330 L

Eba salad
Nuts, aisberg,
endive, parmigiano

450 L

Vegetable specialties

Crispy vegetables
eggplant, tomatoes

250 L

Creamy patatoes
bacon, milk cream

290 L

Marinated eggplant served with
cheese spheres and dried

300 L

Grilled mushrooms

550 L

Grilled vegetables

400 L

Fried potato

180 L

Vegetables rissoles

280 L

Peppers filled with white cheese

400 L


Pasta with parmesan cream

490 L

Pasta with cherry
tomatoes and avokado

440 L

Pasta with vegetables
pepers, carrots, zucchini, spices

490 L

Risotto with parmigiana cream
and almonds

630 L

Rissotto with spinach and

650 L

Pasta with eggplant and

560 L

Pasta with zucchini, cherry
tomatoes, bacon

550 L

Pasta with chicken fillet and
gorgonzola chesse

560 L

Rissotto with shrimp, mushrooms,
safran and pomegranates

690 L

Meatballs filled with ham,
tomatoes and cheese

1,290 L

Flogas beef fillet

1900 L

Stuffed pork fillet with vegetables

1,090 L

Beef ribs

1,170 L

Pork ribs

770 L

Oven roasted pork

1400 L

Oven roasted beef shoulder

1,900 L



350 L

Traditional jam from Permeti

350 L

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